Nilanjana is an award-winning author and journalist, based in New Delhi, India. She has written two best-selling Feminist non-fiction books – Lies Our Mothers Told Us (2022, Aleph), and How Not to be a Superwoman (2024, Penguin).

She has written, reported and edited for some of the world’s top media publications, including TIME Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, The Washington Post, the Guardian, New Internationalist, Christian Science Monitor, Financial Times, Business Insider, Ted Talks, Daily Beast, and so on.

She worked as a producer with BBC World Service in London, Birmingham and Leicester and was a staff correspondent with TIME Magazine’s South Asia Bureau. She was an Editor on the English Language desk of Agency EFE-EPA, a Spanish news agency.

She has also worked as a radio correspondent for BBC Outlook, Panos, Radio Lab, NPR, Voice of America, and so on. She is an editor and writer with UN Women currently.

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